“ Nateii “ was founded in 2018 by Tushetians working to create sustainable a tourism model to preserve and protect one of the most biodiverse and mysterious regions in Europe. We offer group and individual tours that accommodate your interest and needs. You will have local guides with access to horses, trekking guides and home-stays that immerse you in the warmth and authenticity of Tusheti. 

Welcome to one of Georgias least explored and best preserved regions. Helps us support local families and artisans to protect one of the last wild places in Europe.

Since 2018, "Nateii" offers you tours in Tusheti, whether it is horseback riding or private car. We offer both individual and group tours.
We will provide your transportation from Alvani as well as from Tbilisi.
You will be served by experienced drivers who can be said to have spent their whole lives on this extraordinary road. Today there are different types of family hotels in Tusheti, all hotels/guesthouses and home stays can be booked and information about them can be obtained through Nateii.
As you can see in our helpful advice section, there are no pharmacies, supermarkets, and other similar establishments in Tusheti. Try to follow all the tips as much as possible, but if you still find yourself in an unforeseen situation you can always contact us.
Even if you are in Tusheti and you are not our customer - if you need any help or advice, you 

can contact us at any time and we will try our best to assist you.
"Natei" is a place where you will be able to plan an all inclusive tour of Tusheti in one place and not have to worry about transportion and hotel bookings separately. 

We try our best to make your vacation in this mystical part of Georgia unforgettable. Join us and experience the last wild place in Europe.

About us

I am Natia, from one of the magical village of  Tusheti - from a village where time seems to stoped still and you feel a century behind, or even further away, where technology has not yet set foot.
Do you know what I love most about my job? That I have happiness, I wake up every day in mystical Tusheti and help people plan their vacation in Tusheti so that the few days they have allotted for vacation are pleasant, safe, and organized.
My activity allows me to meet many interesting people, I often take part in their Tushetian adventure, which makes my work more interesting.
To tell you the truth, it is quite difficult to do this job, I always want to make amazing adventures for people who come to Tusheti. I try to make the adventure all of them in Tusheti special and unique.
 have been participating in this unforgettable adventure for the fourth year in a row, this is exactly what I love to do and it motivates me to refine Nateii's future tourism services.

About me

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